I'm Adonai Vera.
A Machine Learning Engineer
based in Colombia 🇨🇴

I have been a software developer, AI developer, AI Leader, and CTO in different companies which has given me a vision of creating AI products with a customer focus 🌎 Besides, I’m one of the 10 TensorFlow certified Developers for Google in Colombia, author of courses as “Curso Profesional de Redes neuronal con TensorFlow”, and “Curso Profesional de computer vision con TensorFlow” in Platzi and winner of the hackathon Covid19 and Innovate2019 with Ecopetrol Colombia 🌟 ...
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Companies I have worked for in the past.


Subterrra, Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

I currently am the developer creating the classification, object detection, segmentation algorithms for pipes and manholes.


Geta Club, Senior computer vision Engineer.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of internal tools to get insights of games.


Switch AI, Chief Technology Officer.

I co-founded switch AI to become the google analytics for the Physical Store.

Would you like to learn about neural networks in Spanish?

You already know how neural networks work. Increase your skills using TensorFlow and its entire ecosystem of tools. Create deep learning models that you can put to work in professional environments.

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With skills in over 4 different fields of programming, I am the perfect person to hire when it comes to a full-fledged project. Whatever your needs are, I can pretty much take on any challenge.

Artificial Intelligence

Tensorflow Developer expert, opencv (Advance), scikit-learn (Advance),  Python (Advance), Open3D (Intermediate), Pytorch (Intermediate).


Google Cloud Platform, (Advance), AWS (Intermediate), azure (Intermediate)


ROS (Intermediate), Jetson Nano (Advance), Arduino (Intermediate), Raspberry pi (Intermediate), *gcode (Intermediate), SolidWorks (Intermediate), CUDA (Intermediate.)

Software Developer

GitFlow (Intermediate), Continuous Deployment (Intermediate), MLOps(Intermediate), DatabaseSQL/NoSQL | Postgres | Firebase

Would you like to learn about Computer Vision in Spanish?

Use the power of everything you've learned about neural networks and TensorFlow to create machine vision products. Apply image detection and classification, object tracking, and more.

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My Github

Follow me on Github to see some of my open-source projects. Remember that some of my other projects are private and exclusive to customers.

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Honors & awards

Here are a few awards from companies who I have worked with over the past 5+ years in my career.

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Design of a real-time obstacle avoiding and trajectory generation algorithm for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Colombian Inventor Award 2021 | Company Category
Issued by Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio - 2021
Second place in the hackathon carried out by P4S to find solutions that help face the global pandemic generated by COVID-19, with the SHAPE X COVID initiative that seeks to connect people with 3D printers with projects that aim to help with parts for the health sector.
Hackaton Covid-19
Issued by p4s.co, 2020
In this challenge, the participants challenge to develop a TRL-3 Prototype of an artificial vision system for the inspection of underwater pipelines. Carry out online inspection of the pipeline, demarcate the zone or area of the pipeline under inspection using a reclaimer or area segmentation, identify possible anomalies such as corrosion, loss of material, or stress, and allow online monitoring of the results on the surface machine vision
Winner Innovate challenge # 3
Issues by Ecopetrol and Unired, 2019


Check out my ultimate Guides and blogs, some of my blogs are in Spanish. This space are in progress.


¿Estás cansado de perderte los últimos avances en inteligencia artificial?
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